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Christmas Deadlines

It's down to the wire! I am currently shipping within 1-2 days and have limited stock of virtually everything. I will start to run out of stuff this week. 

U.S.A. Deadlines:

Dec. 16: Last recommended day for first-class mail packages. (Typically 2-7 days, we ship from Massachusetts.)

Dec. 19: Last recommended day for Priority Mail packages. (Typically 2-4 days, we ship from Massachusetts.)

Dec 22: Last call! Express Mail packages in the U.S.A. should still be OK if we have stock. Priority Mail may still make it if you are on the east coast. (Can't guarantee that)

International Deadlines:

It is too late to rely on an Air Mail (International First Class or Standard Flat Rate) package to arrive by Christmas. I'm still shipping daily, but cannot guarantee any packages at this point.

If you live outside the U.S. and need tracking on your packages, you have to upgrade to to Priority or Express. Air Mail does not have tracking.

Dec 14 : International Priority and Express Mail (including Canada!) will most likely arrive on time. This kind of mail does include tracking.

There are new, less expensive options for small Priority Mail packages starting at $12-15 for one pound orders. 

Please email first if you have a question. dieselsweeties AT