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Fuck It Brand Ashtray

Fuck It Brand Ashtray

Super-Limited Test Run! I have about fifty of these right now.

"Fuck it" is a thing I've been wanting to make for years. We all get stuck in procrastination and self-doubt sometimes. It's impossible not to. I've found that almost every time I've actually gotten something done, it's been when I said "Fuck it" and just jumped right in.

I don't smoke, but felt that no single item better represented learning to let go in the face of all evidence to the contrary quite like ashtrays. Should this logo go on other items? Let me know what you think. (email, Twitter)

White ink professionally printed on black glass ashtrays. 4 1/4" diameter. Artwork by the unbelievably excellent Chris Piascik, who also doesn't smoke.

Sold Out!