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"I'd Rather Be Working" Shirt

"I'd Rather Be Working" Shirt

Back and ready to GET to WORK!

It's just you and me here, right? You can keep this to yourself?

Whatever I'm doing, if it's not working I'd probably* Rather Be Working. It's not that I don't like my friends and family. It's more like I understand that there is only a tiny window of 20-30 years in which I can try to bang out as much fun, weird stuff as humanly possible while I'm alive and vital. I'd be happy to sit on my ass at a beach or some junk if science would only extend my lifespan an extra fifty years.

This shirt is specifically designed for workaholics to wear on vacation. It glows in the dark, so you can even wear it to bars and other inexplicably popular nighttime situations. Remove garment before Evening Kisses Time. 

Image is about 11" wide and professionally silk screened in glow-in-the-dark white on 100% cotton black shirts. 

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