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  • Red Robot Army Tote Bag

    Red Robot Army Tote Bag

    A swarm of Red Robots silkscreened onto heavy-duty natural-color cotton tote messenger bag. Red and yellow ink. Measures 10.5" wide x 14" tall x 5" deep.

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  • Mew! Shameless Kitty Butt Tote Bag (Factory second)

    Mew! Shameless Kitty Butt Tote Bag (Factory second)

    Just a few in stock! Save $6.

    No damage to bag - just slightly less crisp print than I like.

    Two sided print, three color front and four color back. It's the pink pixel that makes all the difference. Pictured alongside my Red Robot tote bag and also with a 15" Macbook Pro inside. 

    15.5" high by 12.5" wide. Recycled poly/PVC blend with a soft fabric finish.

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